Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How should we look at life ?

As most of you maybe aware, our earth is a tiny spec in the cosmos. To fully appreciate our size on a cosmic scale look at this video. A pattern of births and deaths continuously occurs in the Universe. Cosmic objects are born, they live for a certain amount of time and then they die. From the death of these objects new cosmic entities are born. This creation, destruction and recreation cycle can be also be seen on earth as well. Life forms gain nourishment from decaying organic matter. When these life forms die, they are in turn recyled by nature to nourish other life forms. Creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin.

All that has been created will eventually be destroyed. Our sun as we know it will eventually run out of it's fusionable material. Before this happens it will change into a red giant eventually burning the earth completely before it dies. Even the earth and the sun will eventually die ! I would recommend you read the following article to get an idea of how this will happen.

Death is an inevitable part of life - be it the death of a star, a planet or organic life as we know it. Edging closer towards death, we tend to reflect back upon the areas we should have paid more attention to - the kids we should have spent more time with, the parents we ought to have understood better, the spouse we should have enjoyed life more with, the friends we should have (or have not) associated with. The list of unfinished business goes on for ever.

We fail to realize that the particles / atoms / molecules that have come together to form us have had a chance to experience the universe like no other particles have. Imagine if these sub atomic particles that form us were to instead form an object like a rock, a star or a planet. These celestial objects would not have been able to experience the universe as humans have.

Humans are unique in being able to experience emotions while observing the universe in all it's glory. The bliss while watching the sun rise, the awe while looking deep into space, the amazement while smashing atoms, the joy in seeing a young child smile, the sorrow in being seperated from a loved one, the pain inflicted by fellow human beings are all examples of experiencing what the universe has to offer.

Humans living in this age are even luckier that they are able to observe and appreciate events and scenes through the virtue of technology. We can observe the Pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India and other wonders of the world without leaving our chair. We can watch as scientists probe the universe or smash atoms or decipher DNA to unravel the mysteries of the world.

It is as though through us, the universe has a better appreciation for itself. Each one of us has allowed the universe to experience itself in a unique way. If you or I were to die today, we should keep that in mind and be grateful for the opportunity creation has given us ! This is the biggest contribution humans have made through their lives. Cherish every moment that you live - if you are still breathing the universe still wants to experience and understand itself through you.


  1. Beautiful! Spectacular in every interconnected way.I firmly believe in the writer's interpretation/connection. I was raised this way from my mother to understand we are all apart of everything. We are 'star stuff'... Notes in the cosmic fugue of our human symphony of steller nirvana.

    Every child should watch the COSMOS series and be absorbed by Carl Sagan's interpretive magic.

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